phc myconate technology

natural plant extract to promote mycorrhizal fungal associations

Since its establishment, Plant Health Care (PHC) has focused on developing solutions rooted in nature for yield enhancement of agricultural crops.  The resulting Myconate® technology helps

crops to develop larger root mass, so that they can repel pests and prosper under growing conditions that normally inhibit growth. 

The basic efficacy of Myconate® in improving the yields of the world’s major agricultural crops has been established in a large number of trials around the world. Highlights of the Myconate® test and trial program include:                            

Since 2002 PHC has conducted an extensive series of trials to further its knowledge of a number of variables in the process and to extend the range of geographical and crop settings. Such tests have the added benefit of promoting the name Myconate® into a wider range of markets ahead of commercial rollout.    


Application methods are versatile and Myconate® can effectively be applied as both a seed coating and tank mixed with fertiliser. It is available in powder, liquid or pre-mixed with a seed-coat polymer.

Seed germination and stand density are indifferent to Myconate®

application and Myconate® increases mycorrhizal colonisation of roots

by over 50%, aiding to their early-stage plant growth and increasing

important early phosphorous loading of agricultural crops.

Myconate has also shown to help plants through periods of drought stress

                               Roots without Mycorrhizae          Roots with Mycorrhizae

Myconate 1kg Label UK.pdfmyconate_files/Myconate%201kg%20Label%20UK_1.pdfmyconate_files/Myconate%201kg%20Label%20UK_1.pdf

Benefits of Myconate Use:

  1. Average corn yield increases of 9% over the control plots in 60 corn trials representing hundreds of replications  

  1. Average soybean yield increases of 13% over the control plots in 21 soybean trials representing hundreds of replications  

  1. Reliable yield increases in 8 other major crops, including the important cotton, edible legumes, sugar cane and potato crops  

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