PHC harpin Technology

A natural bacterial extract to activate plant metabolisms

Harpin Protein Technology is a unique, patented and novel class of protein technology for improving crop health and production. It offers growers a highly effective and environmentally sound tool to regulate overall plant health and to improve yield and output value. It gives a modern grower the ability to ‘steer’ a plant like never before.

How it works…

The Harpin Protein binds to receptors present in all agronomically important crops. These receptors react by sending signals to the rest of the plant, with these signals initially being a fast release of cellular calcium and an increase in plant metabolic activity, photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.

Treated plants activate many biological processes increasing plant stamina and stress tolerance levels. These responses show through in many factors such as

  1. Bullet Increases stress tolerance (salt stress, heat stress, frost stress)

  2. Bullet Improved seed germination

  3. Bullet Accelerates growth

  4. Bullet Increased sugar production

  5. Bullet Can be co-applied with fungicides.

Other benefits

  1. NO harvest interval

  2. NO MRL concerns

  3. NO user safety issues

  4. NO hazard to bees or other beneficials

Application is easy and rates are crop dependent.

More Infornation:

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Originally published in Science, and was featured on the front cover

Calcium release due to

Harpin application